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Listed below is a range of School related tours and transport services. We have done a number of these in the South West in government-registered safe, roadworthy and comfortable air-conditioned vehicles with music.
All have upholstered seating so none of your Ball Outfits will get soiled.
With overhead speakers and some with microphones [if requested]

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All vehicles come with full licensed experienced drivers and the Nightcruiser Party Tours Booking Crew are happy to quote and assist on the spot.

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Our past Bus and Coach hire Perth and Surround vehicles were used for Group Transport, Conferences, Weddings, School Camps, Sightseeing and Tours, Airport Transport, Cruise Ships Passenger Terminals, Festival, Concert and Event Transport, Races Transport, Perth Area Events, Optus Stadium to name a few.

We boast the largest fleet available in WA for you and with personalised service including:

Bus and Coaches:
21, 22, 24, 25, 33, 44, 45, 48, 52, 62, 72, 83 seaters.

All have CD players/amps with AUX inputs [bring own cord], TV Screen, Party Lights and free Wi-Fi on board


Nightcruisers have the best most popular School Ball Transport package in Bunbury!!

The Nightcruiser Party Bus Crew Perth has provided safe and fun transport for School Balls for some time.

Students prepare their own music selections on their electronic devices and smartphones or tablets.

We include more than anybody else in an all-inclusive package!

We can provide vehicles for any numbers from 21 up to 57 friends rather than in an expensive hard to get limo like all the others with limited seating capacity.

• FREE Trip to Picture Taking Spot on way to the Ball Venue
• FREE Drive Thru the Nightlife Area after the Ball
• FREE Drop in on way to After Party for Clothing Change.
• FREE Final Drop-off to your After Party if one is organised.
• Best pre-tour Assistance from the Nightcruiser Booking Crew Perth
• Best fastest helpful booking service with email confirmation
• More inclusive time included with us
• Bring your own iPhone, CDs or iPod/iPad and plug into the system  [advisable to bring own cord for AUX input]

Usually, we pick up from one point then take you for photos [e.g. King’s Park, South Perth Foreshore, Esplanade Fremantle] or location of your choice and on to the ball for the grand arrival.


After the Ball, we pick you up and drive through the Nightlife area.  [e.g Northbridge or Cappuccino Strip, Fremantle] We head for a quick clothing stop on the way to the after party if one is organised which is included in the package.
We need to discuss this if the After Party is further than the original pick up point.

Nightcruiser School Ball Transport Package - After Party Transport

After the Ball, we will pick up the group and take you for a drive through the Nightlife area before we take you back home or to your after party, with free clothing change at one spot on the way.

We are very experienced as we have been doing School Balls and After Parties for some time.
Talk with us now and let us know your plans.
We’ll assist in making them come true.

The low cost and affordable per person charges are for the full Nightcruiser Ball transport package depending on distance and numbers.
The Nightcruiser Booking Crew will assist you on the spot for the cheapest option.

We have CD players/amps on board and will allow you to bring your own prepared Electronic Devises, Smartphones, Tablets. CDs or iPods (own cords) unless bluetooth is mentioned.

Take as many digital photos as possible and upload them to your Facebook as you travel.

If you have an email address we confirm our discussion and booking instantly. No stuffing around, try us.

Nightcruiser School Camp Transport, WA

Popular school holiday camps get kids outdoors, from 7 years old to 17 and making new friends, having a lot of fun in a safe and supportive environment.
There are so many activities on offer.  Choose from day camps and overnight residential camps and the Nightcruiser School Summer Camp Transport will swing into action with all size coaches and trailers anywhere in WA.

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Schoolies Summer Vaction Transport - Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours

Stretching from Busselton, through Dunsborough and South into Yallingup, The South West of WA is the biggest location for Leavers Celebration.

21, 22, 24, 25, 33, 44, 45, 48, 50, 53, 55, 57 seaters.
All Coaches air-conditioned and seat belted
Most have CD players / AUX inputs [bring own cord] or Radios with speakers over seats
Some with Microphone [if requsted]
Coaches 40 seaters + have reclining seats
Toilets on some
We go anywhere in WA
In Bunbury and throughout the South West and WA

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Surviving Schoolies!
Top five tips for parents

With year 12 exams finishing, many kids will be heading off to Dunsborough or points in-between to let their hair down and celebrate finishing school.
While a great time with their mates is the goal, it can be a worrying time for parents if their teenagers haven’t been away from home before and are likely to make decisions about alcohol, drugs and partying that could have long-term consequences.

Hopefully, you can trust your kids to make good decisions at the time or you’ve already had this conversation with them, but just in case you haven’t here are some suggestions for practical things that might be worth covering off on.

TIP 1: So much of it is about alcohol…

If your child intends to drink (and let’s face it, the majority of them will) then it’s about knowing the limits and the safe ways to do it. Make sure they drink lots of water and eat while they’re drinking, as dehydration will make them crash early and hard. Alcohol makes you less aware of the risk, so make sure they have mates going who can be relied on to look out for them. Drink spiking really does happen at schoolies, so make sure they know to never leave drinks unattended.

TIP 2: Toolies are real…

Sad but true, there are people out there who prey on school leavers. Drum into them to stay with their friends, never go anywhere with someone they don’t know and be very selective about who they let into their room. Stay in well-lit areas at night and never walk back from the party by themselves when they’ve had enough! Of course, all these decisions are usually affected by how much alcohol they’ve consumed, so see Tip 1 above.

TIP 3: Make sure they look after themselves and their mates…

Partying non-stop might be the aim but it will take its toll. Make them frozen meals to take with them so you know they’ll eat. Give them a case of bottled water or two. If they’re living in shared accommodation with their mates, make sure they know about boundaries and space so they come back still friends. If they’re likely to be out in the sun (which of course they are) then sun and swim safety is a must – hats, sunscreen, between the flags, etc. – should all be things they know anyway but can’t hurt to remind them.

TIP 4: Drugs are a really bad idea…

I know that ‘just don’t’ is a message that often doesn’t cut through with kids, and we often focus on harm minimisation instead, but my suggestion is to draw a line in the sand on this one. Drugs supplied at schoolies, particular pills could be absolutely anything. There’s no way to tell what effect they will have and no safe place to be taking them if they have a bad reaction. Mixing drugs with the other drugs probably on offer, including alcohol, will make the effect much, much worse. Might be worth reminding them that drugs are still illegal and police are everywhere at known schoolies spots, so chances are they’ll get caught and have to deal with that too.

TIP 5: Have a great time but be true to yourself…

They’re about to become adults – they need to act like them even when they’re partying. Remind your kids that they have a mind of their own, that doing what everyone else is doing is just plain dumb if it makes them uncomfortable or they’re going to regret it later. Make sure they have thought about their boundaries now, before they’ve drunk anything, so they hopefully remember them later when it’s important. Life’s just opening up for them, so impress on them not to do anything stupid that they normally wouldn’t just because its schoolies. And remind them that police are actually nice people, that they’re there to help, and not to be afraid to approach them if they have any issues.

Most importantly, I’d suggest telling your kids you trust them and that you want this experience to be one of the best memories of their lives, not something they will shudder to look back on. Maybe couching the conversation in terms of maximising their fun can get you some traction?

By David Gribble, Chief Executive Officer, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation