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The Nightcruiser Mandurah and Peel District Booking Crew have created a rewarding referral program and it is exclusive to us.
Be rewarded with Commissions for assisting us to spread the exiting good news about the famous Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours.
Famous because we have been around since 1994 and boast the largest selection of Party and Leisure Tours and related transport in Australia.


We have listed limited information here and would love to speak with you directly.
Simple just call our Founder and Marketing Director anytime on 0427 55 33 40
He will put you at ease and answer all your questions and you would be on your way to earn regular commissions.


As it says “referral” –  Once you referred to us we take over.
It used to terrify me if I was asked to do any selling.
This is not selling nor is it required.
It is simply just a discussion,
a way of communication,
a way to assist with suggestions,
which you have studied and researched on the Nightcruiser Party Bus website and with us,
able to pass on ideas to friends, family and people around you in your everyday life.


You possibly heard word of mouth.
This is very powerful and when you think about the number of friends you have, your Social Media accounts inc. Facebook, Twitter accounts you use every day, friends, work and sports mates, relations and people you meet every day, amounts to a lot of people.
Everyone has a birthday coming up, celebration or needs transport to a festival, concert, races or sports.


It is now up to you. You want to reward yourself but need a push, we understand.
You must have heaps of questions and we are here to answer all and give you examples you can apply and start using today.

1. Get to know our products first. This is easy as many you’d  like to use yourself anyway.
Click here…

2. Call us anytime on 0427 55 33 40 before any of your area/ districts is taken.

3. No experience is needed as long as you can talk and any extra you have e.g. Mobile, Internet etc.will benefit you to earn commissions.