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About Collie


Collie is a town in the South West region of Western Australia, 213 kilometres south of the state capital, Perth, and 59 kilometres inland from the regional city and port of Bunbury.

Nightcruiser Party Tours and Transport have been servicing Collie for a number of years making it possible for the party people of Collie to enjoy the biggest range of Party Tours including Pub, Club and Bar Crawls, Wine and Brewery Tours, Birthdays, Festival, Races and Sports Transport.

The local Nightcruiser Party Tours Booking Crew will assist you on the spot if you call them or you can supply them with an online enquiry and they will make contact with you which also will give them all the details in advance.

How to Plan a Party with a Few Friends

How many?
Some people may think that a party isn't a party without lots of people. This article will disprove that theory.
You can still have fun at your little party with Nightcruiser Party Tours. We have 20, 25 and 30 seater Vehicles available with Music onboard and air-conditioning. In fact, you can even plug in your own music from your device. We do have others as well

Bus and Coaches:
21, 22, 24, 25, 30, 33, 44, 45, 48, 50, 53, 55, 57 seaters.
All Buses air-conditioned and seat belted
Most have CD players / AUX inputs [bring own cord, just in case] or Radios with speakers over seats
Some with Microphone

Seat Belts
Coaches 40 seaters + have reclining seats
Toilets on some
We go anywhere in WA
In Collie, Bunbury and throughout the South West

Type of Party Tour
Well, we have a huge choice. Depending on the occasion be it a Birthday, Hens Party or Farewell Party there are lots of options and the Nightcruiser Booking Crew will assist you.

Important to get these out early and you can do a Facebook event invitation and just call around and get your close friends to help you.
The more people accept the cheaper it works out per person and usually there is a minimum number of people required.

Where to go
Once again it depends what venues you wish to visit but your friends will have a say even if they are not asked. In the end, it is your decision and the Booking Crew will assist. Also, there are guides to help you which we have created for you. Then it is important to put together a workable schedule.

Bunbury Pub, Club and Bars Guide, Wine and Brewery Guide
For more Guides, you'll find on the Collie Nightcruiser site.

You might all want to meet at a local and a few drinks to start with. Even meet for a meal before your all-night party tour. Meals at day tours are normally at Wineries and Breweries which must be booked in advance.

So get started and we invite you to join your local Nightcruiser Party Tours Facebook here...

Nightcruiser Party Bus- Townsville Facebook

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