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Listed below is a large range of ideas. Contact us now for all the instant answers and personalised assistance!


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Hesn Party Tour with Nightcruiser Party Tours - Bunbury, WA


The aim of a hens party is to show the bride-to-be a great time—and for most brides that doesn’t always mean strippers, penis straws or making a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

Be assisted by the original and professional Nightcruiser Crew Busselton for your affordable Hens Party ideas like no others.

We give you professional assistance instantly and backed with 25 years of experience.

It can be planned for a local day tour, night tour or wine tour.



• FREE booking service of all venues in advance
• FREE Karaoke Venue
• FREE Hens Games Page – Exclusive
• FREE Wi-Fi onboard
• Discounted drinks for all Guests
• Exclusive Deal – Collar and Cuffs & Delicious Show
Now with an onboard stripper at your request. You get to choose!
• We will take you Pole Dancing
• We will take you 2 Artistic Hens- Life drawing concept
• Best pre-tour Assistance
• We negotiated the best venue deals
• We give you a bigger choice of Pubs and Clubs
• Best fastest helpful booking service
• More Party time with us 7 pm till 12 midnight
• On Board Subwoofer sound, TV and disco lights
• Bring your own CDs or electronic devices
• Hens Queen Bee’s Oath of Secrecy Contract

One of the first decisions a Maid or Matron of Honour must make about the Hen’s Party is what type of outing to plan.

Discuss this with the bride and you’ll also find that the Nightcruiser Crew can assist instantly with many ideas.

Just CONTACT US! and assistance is on the other end of the line.

It is a good idea to hold your hen’s party at least one or two weeks before the wedding.

Why not try a day of wine and chocolate tasting and a leisurely fun lunch instead of the usual pub crawl.

This allows you to invite Mums and Aunties as it is a full day tour. The Nightcruiser Hens Arvos are famous.

The Hens Nights are legendary with Nightcruiser who have the biggest most popular choices.

We organise free VIP entry to all the venues plus special arrangements for and on your behalf.

We have a special exclusive deal with Delicious, Pole dancing, Karaoke and even Artistic Hen – Life drawing concept

“Moving Party People”™

HENS PARTY NIGHT TOUR [Stripper Option] 
Hens Party Stripper onboard Nightcruiser Hens Party - Bunbury, WA

You now have the choice to add a stripper. You get to choose which one and we will rendezvous at a suitable location and the entertainer will use our sound system on board for added onboard excitement.

Give your friends a night they won’t forget!

The Full Monty Striptease

That’s right, no holding back! This energetic and cheeky show will rock the onboard party and leave everyone in awe!
“The best male strippers in the South West!” they say!
The stripper arrives in the costume of your choice with music to rock the party!
Plenty of attention for the bride-to-be but definitely a crowd pleaser as well!
With a choreographed dance, this is a funny, naughty and truly entertaining show!

Strawberries and Cream Striptease

If the crowd is not shy, this is the show for you! Consists of The Full Monty then at the end, out comes the dessert… on us! Literally! Male Striptease at its finest, this is a raunchy show with all the sexy rock hard ab trimmings! There’s no holding back; it’s messy, sexy, funny and memorable. The girls will love every energetic moment! Guaranteed to be an absolute blast!

G-string striptease show

If your friends are asking you to book a male stripper with a bit of modesty this is the show for you. We bust out all the dance moves but you’ll have to use your imagination so our g-string stays on! Plenty of laughs and an electrifying dance routine that will make her night!

Hot Pants Strip show

We rock up in uniform and give a striptease to be remembered! Choose from policeman, fireman, naughty cowboy and more – just ask us what’s available. Surprise her with a sexy male stripper giving her attention she won’t forget. A raunchy performance with an element of modesty, but still getting to touch those rock hard abs!

Lap Dance

Fantastic, sexy one on one fun!  Accompany topless waitering or a group strip show with some extra one on one fun. This will definitely add the personal touch and plenty of fun! Tell the girls to bring some extra cash – they won’t want to miss out!

XXX Strip Show

This show is on another level.  Blow the socks of the entire crowd with this hot, heavy and explicit show.  There is no holding back with this one.  Choreographed fun, energetic and very sexy.  If you want more than cheeky, then this is for you.
Very interactive and personal and a real crowd pleaser.

XXX Strawberries and Cream

This is it, the Godfather of shows.  Explicit, hands-on, sexy, energetic – need I say more?   Don’t be shy –

Hens Party Day our with Nightcruiser Party Bus Tour - Perth

The Nightcruiser Booking Crew have put together suggestions for a Hens Party Day Tour.
This came about as some organisers requested a day tour rather than the usual wine tour.

1. Local venue visits in familiar surrounding suburbs
2. So Girls with infants could join
3. Grandmothers and Aunties could be invited
4. Cheaper Venue options being daytime.
5. Fewer travel distances if someone needs to part earlier

We offer you a special venue deals list and while most are geared for night visits to the venues, many will make the deals available also during the day after 11 AM.
This includes a
Hens Party Hamper deal – Arrive with a least 25 people and receive:
Hens Hamper consisting of bottle Sparkling Wine, $50* Bar Card and selection of $10.00 cocktails.
Even a sit-down dining deal:

Lunch Dining Experience in Historic Tram deal
Arrive with at least 15 people or more, full a” la carte available and receive a complimentary sharing entrée and bottle of sparkling wine.

You don’t need to miss out with an onboard stripper.
This is possible once you book your own entertainer and we will rendezvous with them and head to a secluded spot at a special location. They plug in their music to our system.

We have a deal with a licensed day venue for your exclusive set alone section for a personal stripper and drinks.


Our Hens Arvos are popular as it allows the group to also invite Aunties, Mothers etc. which some groups prefer.

We are happy to pick up your group anytime after 10.00 am in the metro area and take you to the Swan Valley.

See also Wine Tours with Nightcruiser

We leave the Valley by 4:00 pm and take you back again or drop you at a place of your choice landed by 5 pm

We start visiting our first Winery from 10.30am

All you need to decide is where the group is having lunch.

We make suggestions and have a Winery providing the Nightcruiser

with free B.B.Q. facilities or we can take you to a park alongside the Swan River for B. B. Q. or other places for picnics.

We will also guide you for sit down lunches at Wineries, Breweries, Cafes and Restaurants in the Swan Valley
DARE GAMES: When you book with the Nightcruiser we will be happy to email you a password that gets you onto the Hens Dares Games info page for heaps of free ideas of “Dare” Games. Be sure to ask when you book. This is exclusive to the Nightcruiser.
“Moving Party People”™

The Nightcruiser Crew have negotiated a great deal with Collar and Cuffs on your behalf. Ask us when you enquire with us!

Photo sessions and private strip are also available.

East Perth – Joondalup – Mandurah
Click here to check out what’s
happening at SheStudio
Stuck for a hen’s night idea? Consider a sheparty. Sheparties are the perfect excuse to get the girls together and laugh yourselves silly as your instructors guide you through a series of moves based on striptease and pole dance.
Hens parties, Bachelorette parties, birthdays, girly nights and corporate team get together are all easily catered for in the custom-built studios.

cost of studio based parties
The fee covers champagne on arrival, a platter of nibbles and exclusive use of the studio where
shemoves instructors will teach a series of classic striptease moves and pole dancing moves! Champagne can be provided at cost for your party if you’d prefer us to organize this please note an additional $20 fee is levied (based on a party of 10-15 ladies).

Hens Nights/ Birthdays/ Corporate Functions OR Just a Girls Night Out!

Ideal for Nightcruiser Tours starting in the Northern Suburbs.

Up to 2 hours and can include a Male stripper if you like plus
Nipples, Glass of Champagne on arrival, Pole Dane Class, Lap Dance Class, Performance by an instructor, Gift for the hen (Value $50), Chocolate Fondue Fountain and Strawberries and photos can be taken and emailed on request.

More info here..
Click here to check out what’s
happening at BPS Perth

Bobbi’s Pole Studio is now catering for groups from 6 people up to 50, with complimentary Champagne, a fabulous nightclub environment & a full stage show performed by your instructor at the end of the evening.
They also offer monthly specialty classes in Lap Dancing, Table Dancing and Strip Tease and cater for Birthday Parties and Hen’s Nights for the girl who has everything!


A sensational new option for Hens Party arvo Groups to make it part of their fun filled day or night.

Included can be a sausage sizzle and a visit after to the Mash Brewery next door or wine tasting at wineries and the chocolate company from the Swan Valley battlefield

New to Perth, Laser skirmish or Laser tag is a exhilarating outdoor combat game, much like paintball without bruises.

Players wearing camouflage clothes & armed with an awesome phaser, eliminate the enemy by firing a harmless infra red beam (like in your TV remote) which is detected by sensors worn by players. The battlefields are only minutes from Perth in the Swan Valley, Wattlegrove & Roleystone.

This action packed combat game is great for individuals or groups.

• Realistic weapons shoot up to 140m
• Telescopic or red dot scopes
• Safe, No projectiles fired
• All ammo is FREE
• Fixed prices
• Team building
• Perth’s closest battlefields

Laser Corp contact

Nightcruisers best Karaoke Bar in Perth.

The Nightcruiser Crew have managed to negotiate an exclusive special deal with free entry plus more. Ask us when you call us.

It is a licensed Karaoke Bar upstairs and is one of the best Karaoke bars in Perth.

It has a well balanced classy and joyful atmosphere where you can be singing, dancing and drinking with your friends!

Also, it is the perfect place for a private function, meetings or corporate functions, featuring a wide range of menus to fit

They have extensive experience in hosting a Birthday Party, Hens Night, Corporate Function, Special Event for various purposes.

The ground floor Japanese Restaurant, serving sushi, sashimi, tempura, teriyaki & teppanyaki BBQ.
Group bookings are available for 20 to 100
people, which the Nightcruiser Crew will make on your behalf or you are welcome to negotiate direct.

Their karaoke machines are equipped with multi-national song list.

Make a visit to this beautiful Karaoke bar and taste the ultimate joy of life!

We book on your behalf and fit it into your schedule with us.


Hens Dare Games Suggestions FREE
Exclusive to Nightcruiser

When you are the Organiser it is sometimes hard to know what to do on the Night if you have not done it before.

The Nightcruiser Crew have compiled a number of popular Hen Night/Day Party games to assist you with your planning. They are dare games that can be used by the organiser through out the party tour with Nightcruiser.

We are happy to forward you the logo-on name and password once we have received your deposit.

Get your Pass Word and check it all out here..

The Nightcruiser Crew have prepared the Hens Contract/Oath of Secrecy and hope that it will add a little more fun to your Hen Night/Arvo with Nightcruiser.

The Organiser is authorised welcome to copy it from our website and work with it to print out onto background and the size they wish. You are welcome to add extra clauses. Let us know if you come up with exciting new clauses.


In the Contract/Oath below, you must adhere to all guidelines and procedures in a strict fashion. When the document refers to the Hen, she will be signified as “Queen B” and the girls consisting of the Hen Night party as “Divas.”

Please take the following document as serious (seriously funny) as possible since it will provide hours of fun and memories.

I __________________________ solemnly swear that on the Night/Arvo of ______________________, 2013 in celebration of ___________________________’s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party, I will abide by the following rules and regulations:

There will be, in no way, pictures with boys, men, or any animals while the Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party is in progress. Failure to follow this rule will automatically make you lose your Diva status for the weekend.

You will consume alcoholic beverages and promote drunkenly misconduct in the safest and most appropriate fashion. If you have a note from a doctor, you are excused from drinking but you must still promote animalistic behaviour.

You must never leave a single Diva or the Queen Bee unattended, due to boys-men who are termed as Vultures, Sharks, Pigs, Tools for Procreation…etc.

A Diva who has too much alcohol or has poor taste and is speaking with sleazy unattractive boys/men for more than one minute must be escorted back to the Diva Layer for protection and to save herself from embarrassment (which would have possibly occurred the following morning).

Embarrassing the Queen B, at least once per hour is mandatory. Embarrassment can only take the form of attracting attention toward the Queen B, and includes but is not limited to, finding Boys or Men (prey) to help in satisfying the “Hens checklist” or Suck 4 Buck T-Shirt, waving adult party favour items in front of the Queen B, dressing the Queen B up in ridiculous outfits that Aunt Edna wouldn’t even wear, and keeping the Queen B up as late as possible!

Loud, obnoxious outbursts are welcome during the Hens festivities with at least one type of alcohol shot purchased by the Divas for Queen B consumption.

Dancing is required by you and it is important to make sure all Divas and Queen B are participating.

In case of the emergency of a Diva needing to pray to the porcelain goddess or visit Mr. Tidy Bowl Man, it is essential that you make sure one Diva goes with the other Diva In Need (DIN).

It is your responsibility to commute to a more exciting atmosphere when Queen B and/or Diva energy is dwindling. You must interact with other Divas to form a plan in moving to a more exciting environment.

You will not, at any time, think of work-related matters. If work does consume your mind, you will forfeit Diva status and be seen as an outcast by the Divas.

Before signing the document below, I will say out loud, “What happens at __________________ ‘s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party STAYS at ___________________’s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party!”

(Signature of Diva)

__________________________________________ Date__________________

(Signature of Diva In Charge)

__________________________________ Date__________________

Advice for the Queen B about marriage:
(Please return this form to the Queen B after signing)


Bucks Party with Nightcruiser Party Tours - Perth, WA

Night Tour    Brewery Tour    Day Tour   STRIPPER

The Nightcruiser Crew have many Bucks Party ideas. We give you the option of a local tour, head to Breweries in the Ferguson valley or down south to Margaret River.
Nightcruiser Party Tours have also made it now possible to experience a Bucks Party in Perth with either a Night tour or day brewery tour.
You can also add Paintball and now we offer you $100 Bar Card to spend on the night plus an exclusive deal with the Voodoo Lounge and free booked VIP entry to a number of Nightclubs!

Still the best Party Tours in and around Bunbury and the South West with the most popular affordable and professional assistance for over 20 years.
We’ll turn an ordinary Bucks Party Perth into a night or day to remember!

Nightcruiser offers many ideas for your Bucks Party. Allow the Nightcruiser Crew to assist you with many ideas.


• FREE booking service of all venues in advance
• Exclusive Voodoo Lounge deal
• Best pre-tour Assistance
• We negotiated the best venue deals in Perth
• We give you bigger choice of Pubs and Clubs
• Best fastest helpful booking service for Bucks Perth
• More Party time with us
• 7 pm till 12 midnight for Night Tours or 10am till 5pm Day Tours
• On Board Sub woofer sound and disco lights
• Bring your own CDs or iPod.
• Jet Boat Adventure
• Xtreme Paint Ball & Laser
• Go-Karts Outdoor
• Go-Karts Indoor Kartworld Belmont
• Paint Ball Outdoor
• Bowling Ten Pin (Licensed Premises)
• Supa Golf
• Golf day Tour
• Onboard adult entertainment [strippers]
• Wedding Guest Group Transport- Special Deal
• “History of the Bucks Party”
• Duties of the Best Man
• Bucks Party Games for Bucks Perth from the Nightcruiser Crew
• Bucks Perth Party Transport

We will assist you with choosing Bucks Night or Bucks Day

We have an exclusive deal with the Voodoo Lounge!

We can arrange it all to suit your group.
You may also want to visit a restaurant for a feast first.

Sometimes bucks prefer an all-day event to really share the camaraderie.

Either a Jet Boat Adventure, Golf Day, Go Karts, Outdoor Paint Ball Battles or Indoor Paintball-Laser.

We have done them all and are waiting to assist you. Contact

The Party that has always enjoyed the most is where the emphasis is on clever whit including reminders of the past.


Talk to the groom first and find out what he wants to do. Don’t forget to plan some surprises.

Give yourself time. Organising the party in one week will not work and cause you un-needed stress.

Go over the list of invitees with the groom.

Talk to all invitees before the party about costs, the agenda, etc. Nobody wants any surprises on the night of the bucks night.

Organise a bucks night or day with the help of the Nightcruiser Crew. CONTACT US!

“Moving Party People”™


During the run up to the Wedding Day and right up until the day before the best man would primarily be ensuring that the bridegroom is on schedule in preparing himself for the Wedding. Amongst various tasks he would have to do:
• Before the Big Day

Assist with the organising of deliveries/pickups and other general organisation matters. This could be materials or even relatives and friends.

The Nightcruisers provide Wedding Guest Group Transport

Collect the hire clothes the day before the wedding

Ensure that Transport is available for yourself and the bridegroom and arrange for the transportation of the happy couple after the reception.

And, of course, help the Bridegroom organise the Bucks Night (Or organise it yourself with other mates).
• The Bucks Night or Day with Nightcruiser

Talk to the groom first and find out what he wants to do. Don’t forget to plan some surprises.

Give yourself time. Organising the party in one week will not work and cause you un-needed stress.

Go over the list of invitees with the groom.

Talk to all invitees before the party about costs, the agenda, etc. Nobody wants any surprises on the night of the bucks night.

Coordinate a designated driver or hire a limousine/bus service.

• On The Wedding Day

This will be a very busy time for the Best Man, as he tries to keep the groom on schedule.

Get fully dressed before the bridegroom so as you have time to help him.

Check and double check those rings.!!

Escort the groom to the ceremony site. Give yourself plenty of time to get there so the bridegroom can catch up with old friends and relatives or if wedding photographs have been organised.

Offer to take the cheque envelopes to pay the clergyman, musicians, photographers and other service providers.

The ceremony – the best man will need to :-

Escort the groom to his position in the church or ceremony site. You might notice your mate crying for the first time. Just make sure his tie is straight and assures him there’s still time to get outta here if he says the word.

Hold the bride’s ring for the groom (if there is no ring bearer) until needed by the officiant. Check for any holes in your pockets first, and don’t fumble the hand-over!

Sign the register as a witness (if asked by the groom)

Organise the wedding party on behalf of the photographer.

Pay any marriage fee’s (if not already done)

Ensure the newly-weds have a smooth passage to the waiting car.

You might be called upon to drive the newlyweds to the reception if there is no hired driver.

• At the Reception

Offer first toast at the reception. This usually occurs before the dinner.

You also might offer to MC a schedule of toasts and speeches. Do your homework in advance so you know some background about the people (e.g., if they are friend or family). Keep all intros brief and to the point.

(Probably the most worrying part of the day for the best man is the speeches and its understandable, your best mates wedding day in front of a big crowd of people. Well don’t be because the good thing about it all is that the audience will be rooting for you, they really want to laugh, and even if you don’t think your material is that funny, you can be assured that they will still laugh at the weakest of jokes.)

Reply to the toast of “the bridesmaids” (Otherwise known as The Best Mans Speech)

Read out any telegrams, faxes, emails, cards and messages.

Aid the couples departure from the reception.

Ensure that the wedding presents are transported safely to a destination chosen.

• After the Big Day

Offer to drive the newlyweds to the airport for their honeymoon if required.

Your last major task is to return all formal wear to the shop. Make sure all groomsmen and others give you their hired clothes good condition and on time.

The Nightcruiser Crew have negotiated a special deal with Rosemount Bowl to not only get the guests of Nightcruiser discounted bowling sessions but exclusive use of the entire venue. (Subject to availability)

Rosemount Bowl is fully licensed, offering a large variety of light and full strength beer and a good selection of spirits, liquors and wine as well as a large range of food platters and counter food.
The venue itself has a long history in the area and is renown across Perth for having a great atmosphere to suit all groups and parties.

“Moving Party People”™
Supa Golf is the real Golf Game that EVERYONE can play and great fun to add to your Party Day Tour. .

It is played in the Swan Valley and Melville on a specially designed golf course and the Nightcruiser have been calling at this venue for many years as it is popular.

SUPAGOLF is a modified form of golf whereby the golf clubs have oversized heads and are made of plastic. Similarly the ball is also oversized, softer and made of rubber plastic and iridescent in colour.
“Moving Party People”™
Go-Karts Outdoor

Kart Hire Website

Henderson Kart Hire Track

Wanneroo Kart Hire


Now the Nightcruiser gives you this great exhilarating Bucks Day or night under lights at Cockburn. This outdoor circuit is unique.

The Cockburn Kartway Track is located on Gemma Road HENDERSON. It is 1070 metres long and 8 metres wide. It was used for the 1996 WA Karting State Titles.

Opening Times for Kart Hire
Mon – Fri 10am – 5 pm
Sat 10am – 12 noon
Sun 10am – 5 pm (unless club racing ) see club racing calendar.

For casual hire on weekends it is best to ring first and check there are no group bookings or club racing happening.

The Wanneroo Kartway Track is located at 1 Wattle Ave East Neerabup.
Mon – Fri 10am – 5 pm
Saturdays 9am – 12noon
Saturdays (Weather Permitting, please call) 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Sundays 10am – 5pm
The track will be closed on race days, so please call to avoid disappointment


The Nightcruiser will pick up your group at 9 am and have you at trackside by 10 am. Get ready for this NO ILLUSION GO HARD RACING and challenge your mates.

Lunch by way of a sausage sizzle can be organised also. Then after 12 on the way home we will do a mini pub crawl thrown in.

Ask the Nightcruiser Crew all about it when you make your enquiries contact us here

Kart Hire Website Kart Pricing
“Moving Party People”™
Go-Karts Indoor

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Formula 1 driver, sitting centimetres from the ground, throwing a speeding machine around a race track? Then indoor karting is for your Group. It’s as close as many people get to real racing and it’s worth remembering that many of the world’s top Formula 1 drivers began in kart racing!

Their staff are fully trained to organise a safe and fun filled time of racing which includes a Grand Prix with heats, and a final after with a trophy is presented to the “winner”. Ideal for a group of guys for a final challenging get-together.

They organize everything all we have to do is turn up!

Check out their website and book direct and we will included it in your Nightcruiser Schedule more here…
“Moving Party People”™
Golf Day

We have been “Moving Party People” for sometime. Whether it is a Bucks Party, 29 to 82 plus passengers to Paintball in the morning or to Kart Tracks, Indoor Laser or Paintball etc.

Maybe you are having a party first at a house, back yard or the local we can move your group to the Voodoo Lounge and obtain or special deal for you.

To assist all our Bucks Night and Bucks Day organisers, the Nightcruiser Crew have collected some Bucks Dares Games for you.

Scroll down and we hope the suggested games will assist you for a great Nightcruiser Bucks Party!

Send us your digital photos and we’ll upload them to our site for the world to see 🙂

Before starting the dares it is important to come up with a forfeit, this is a suitable punishment if somebody doesn’t do their dare correctly. Something like “walking like a chicken” may have been a suitable forfeit when you were 12, however now you should think of something much better!

Make a list of “dares” for the buck to either do or collect throughout the day or night – the more daring and ridiculous, the better!

Now a twist of fate that will shock everyone!!

If you are out with the Nightcruiser on a Bucks Day you can have pencils and paper on board and ask everybody to write down what dares they think the Groom should be doing all day or throughout the night!

Then put them in a Box and get each member to draw out a dare but award that dare to them as a twist of fate!!

This is a neat little joke rather than a game and gives everybody a good laugh at the expense of the groom.
Hand out an old key to a selected number of members in the party once onboard the Nightcruiser, but not the groom. Make sure he does not see it being done. During the course of the evening make a speech on board or in the Venue about the bride saying she has made her choice etc. Then suggest it is time for the rest of the guys to give back back her door key now that they don’t need it anymore. Get the guys to put the keys on the bar, table or in a bowl – the more the funnier.
Before the Bucks Party, give all the other partygoers apart from the groom an old door key which they keep in their pocket. During the course of the evening make a speech about the bride saying she has made her choice etc. Then suggest it is time for the rest of the guys to give back her door key now that they don’t need it anymore. Get the guys go up to the bridal party and put the keys on the table or in a bowl – the more the funnier.

Everybody has a good laugh and it’s a cheap effect! But don’t tell them the Nightcruiser Crew suggested it!!

This is a simple task, at a risk of getting future wife jealous.

You get a white T Shirt and get as many signatures or comments as possible from women throughout your Bucks outing.

By the end of the day or night you must have it totally covered with signatures or comments, which will act as a momentum for the rest of your life.

You must also heed requests if asked to take T Shirt off if they wish to draw pictures etc.! Get the boys to frame it ….

This is quite a fun game, and also it’s easy to set up. All you need are two bananas, two pairs of handcuffs or belt, and two volunteers.

Sit your volunteers on chairs or in case on board the Nightcruiser side by side on the back seat, and put a banana in-between each of their legs, tie their hands behind their backs. The object of the game is to peel and eat the banana (without hands). The first one to finish is the winner.

To cause some embarrassment get two other contestant to eat the bananas from between the legs of the chosen contestants.


This simple exciting game is ideal for a daytime Bucks Party and can be played on the Nightcruiser as we travel.

Give each guest a note pad-size paper and pen. Have questions ready to ask such as, how old is the buck,
his mother’s name, what college/university/high school did he attend, his favourite soft drink, the names
of his brothers/sisters, his wedding date, his finance parents names, what size shoe, his favourite colour, favourite TV, favourite football team etc. and don’t forget the personal things: Past affairs, turn ones and turn offs etc.

The guest that answers the most correct wins a prize, thou this is not really important as it is done for laughs, mainly.. All answers should be read out that have been collected and then hear the screams as guests onboard hear the revelations to the questions asked and compare guests answers.


This game can also be played with the bride in mind! That sometimes makes it even more interesting as the groom even gets to learn things. But be gentle with him..

This simple exciting game is ideal for a daytime Bucks Party and can be played on the Nightcruiser as we travel.


This is a great old game.
It can be played during travelling on the Nightcruiser in between the venues or on the way.

The idea is that you wrap up a huge ball like parcel which is passed around in time to the music.

When the music stops, the person holding the parcel will unwrap it until she finds a note or a novelty item (include xxx items) and carries out the request or gets to get the novelty item.

Let you mind run wild on this one when getting things together, as it will be just as much fun thinking up the items and dares for the parcel as to pass it around and see it unravel! Request the Nightcruiser Captain to play you the stop start music.

Items used previously:
– Condom (Non lube ) Blow up or wear over your head.
– You have won a box of sexy chocolates.
– You must suck this penis lolly until all gone.
– You must get the group to guess the following words with your action: enjoying sex!
– When you receive this note you must NOT go to the toilet at the next stop, if you are caught, you must drink a pint of ………before leaving etc.

Material needed:
One silly hideous old shower cap!

The rules are simple:
As we believe that the groom’s name should not be revealed to the general public during his task of dares, therefore this fun simple game was derived.

Who ever calls the Groom by his first or last name will need to wear the cap until someone else calls him by first or last name.

It makes a fun picture through out the night or day.

Material needed: One silly hideous old shower cap!


This is a variation of truth or dare, you need to ask yes or no questions. Start with fairly simple ones like “Is your name Adam?” If he answers yes then he must move to a seat to his right, if the seat next to him isn’t free then the one next to that one (and so on).

If the answer is no then they don’t have to move anywhere. Make sure that they realise they must tell the truth!

You could make them swear an oath before starting the game.

The first person to make it back to their own seat is the winner.

Can be heaps of fun if played quickly while travelling on a Nightcruiser


This is quite a simple game, and best of all it’s quite simple to set up. You need, a tennis ball, an old pair of tights, and a water bottle half filled with water.

Put the tennis ball inside the tights so that it’s right down in the toe. Now you have to tie the tights so that it’s around their hips and it is hanging behind them.

Put the water bottle in the middle of the room (with the cap on) and get them to try and knock the bottle over. Give them 4 minutes to try, if they can’t do it then get another guest to try.

In order for this to work properly you have to swing your hips, which looks really funny and it’s really difficult!

When you book a Hens Party and Bucks Party and or Wedding Guests Transport at the same time we will give you a special deal.

Still book separately:
You can still book individually so neither knows what has been arranged for the Party Bus Tour of their choice, but mention at the same time that the other person will ring and book theirs – hence you qualify for the special deals

Ask us about the deal when making your enquiry

All special deals to Delicious shows and the Voodoo Lounge still apply.

A bucks or Hens Party celebrates a couple’s last days of being single. There are some traditions associated with both bucks and hens party. The first and most obvious is that they are single-sex affairs – all boys for the bucks night and the bride and her female friends celebrate their hens party separately.

Though of late some wish to join up at the end of the night or the latest most modern approach is a Hucks Party!

Hens Party is a more recent phenomenon, which probably evolved to equal the boys night out. Girls also want to celebrate with their friends on a special night out and in many instances invite the Mothers along. These days the hens night has largely replaced the kitchen tea, where the bride received presents to stock her new kitchen.

They have a get-together prior to boarding the Nightcruiser for a wild let loose organised mayhem evening and have drinkie poos and give the presents as well as sometimes “Male Adult Entertainment,” if they decide not to include the Collar & Cuffs Show during the evening. Now hens often celebrate with a night of wild abandon and naughty fun with the bride’s best friends.

See Nightcruiser’s exclusive free “Hens Dares Games” Page.
A Password it provided once you pay your deposit.

Exclusive Nightcruiser Deal – Ask the Nightcruiser Crew.
DELICIOUS is Perth’s Newest & Hottest LADIES ONLY Bar and Club. Open ever Saturday night from 8pm till Midnight. Providing a safe environment with nonstop entertainment. Everything from Male Striptease (every hour), Buffed ‘Himbo’ waiters, Sexy Cocktails at sensible prices, Pole Demonstrations by Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Games including: the apple and bucket races, Karaoke, Burlesque, demonstrations from the Award Winning Dancers from upstairs with ‘The art of Secret Women’s Business’, Fai and the girls from VMP Erotic Events and much much more.

The ULTIMATE Hen’s Night location or just for girls out on the town. Voodoo Lounge comes downstairs to offer you the Best in the West.

HUCKS PARTY IDEA ©Yes in this modern age where many old fashioned traditions are dying and in many instances for the better, this new idea is catching on!

No more sweeps under the carpet or hush hush, wink wink say no more!

It was born out of the love, give and take and mutual respect of gender to have a raging all Hens and Bucks party combination.

Hucks ® Night Tour Possibilities

Hucks ® Day Tour Information

Just think of the possibilities.

The Nightcruiser Party Bus will pick up the Hens first anytime after 7 pm. They would have been at it since possibly 5pm and enjoyed some drinks, fun and special waiters.

Then it is the blokes turn to be picked up and join the girls on board.

We will then cruise to a number of venues with free VIP entry and deals and special tasks dished out for the BRIDE and BUCK.

Pass the parcel to the embarrassment of some is sometimes played on board with other games will set the mood.

Every tour is organised different as preferred by the Bridesmaid and Groomsman.
At a certain time of the night the Hens are taken to our special deal at Delicious Saturday or Collar ‘n’ Cuffs and the fellows to the special deal at the Voodoo Lounge.

Possibilities can include:

Sometimes the Hens have demanded to join the fellows at their show and this has been organised with the approval of the Voodoo Lounge.


“Thank you Roland, this was exactly what the Bride wanted. It was both of their second time and they did not want the singles thing”

“The bride was just so fussy and placed so many restrictions and this worked out well and satisfied both parties”

“Sensationally different, we are still talking about it and the photos tell all. We all got on well and had a ball, we will recommend this unique Nightcruiser Tour. Kevin our driver was a sweetie and real helpful and friendly”

“Million thanks for all your help. You should patent this idea as it worked out real well and we all had a night to remember forever, with no lingering suspicions or hurt”

“My fiancé and I will had this tour as joint affair, simply because we are not keen on the whole night of debauchery separated… it worked perfectly, thanks Roland for your ideas and assistance with the planning”


With Nightcruiser Party Buses it becomes a night to remember forever, with all your friends on-board!

Don’t say anything – just invite all your friends.

Tell them it will be a Pub & Club Crawl

Grab the Microphone with the Bus stopped at a special spot e.g. King’s Park and propose.

Or during the Night grab the microphone and make the announcement, after she had already agreed previously, but no official announcement had been made – Unique!!

Then party hard with the Nightcruiser for the rest of the night

We’ll pick up the group anytime in the metro area after 7pm and finish with you at 12 midnight in Northbridge.

We’ll organise and book all the venues, get free VIP entry and special deals.


More and more couples are living in a happy Defacto relationship in Western Australia.

Now the Nightcruiser Party Bus Tour Crew invite you to proudly celebrated your Defacto relationship with all your friends on both sides and Party Party Party.

Below are some ideas to assist you for this all important event.

Defacto Law FAQ’s

Express Links:
Pub, Club, Bar Crawl, 18th, 21st, 30th,
Hens, Bucks, Wine, Transport.

Providing Perth’s modern Radio Control Party Bus Hire Fleet of famous Nightcruiser Party Buses with the biggest range and most popular Perth Party and Leisure Tours.

• VIP Queue jumping entry
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• Yes you can choose your own venues
• Yes you can book your own venues
• FREE On-Line Invitations & RSVP Service
• Best pre-tour Assistance and advise
• More Party time with us 7 pm till 12 midnight
• On Board Sub woofer sound and disco lights
• Bring your own CDs, iPhone, iPad or iPod
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• More venues to choose from
• Wider Pick up Areas
• We give you more time inclusive

• Modern, radio controlled and maintained fleet

• NCBooker ™ Smartest Booking Confirm System

We’ll pick up the group anytime in the metro area after 7pm and finish with you at around 12 midnight in Northbridge, Casino or anywhere in the metro area.
We’ll organise and book all the venues, get free VIP entry and special deals.

divorce party (also known as a divorce ceremony) is a way to have a ceremony that celebrates the end of a marriage or civil union. Types of divorce parties vary greatly and can involve either one or both members of the separating couple. Divorce parties have been called the final frontier in the wedding industry complex, and often involve a toast that emphasizes the couple beginning new chapters in their lives.

Nightcruiser Party Tours have carried out these events. Learn from us with samples and ideas.

A separation is a stressful event in anyone’s life and it can provoke a range of difficult feelings or responses.

Usually both Parties loose friends on either side.

However, there is no need for that if you hold a Divorce Freedom Party with Nightcruiser and invite all your friends and also all those that you lost when you got married, remember!

This is also a perfect way to increase your circle of friends and a good way to gain support.

Tell them it will be a Pub & Club Crawl or Wine Tour if need be.


We’ll pick up the group anytime in the metro area after 7pm and finish with you at around 12 midnight in Northbridge, Casino or anywhere in the metro area.

We’ll organise and book all the venues, get free VIP entry and special deals. more here..

Ideal to invite older relatives for a wineries, distillery and brewery tour with a leisurely lunch more here..

Your comments are welcomed, email us

A recent on-air discussion on 92.9 FM, with Nightcruiser Founder and Director Roland Ott and Whippa and Em on the Breakfast Show, stirred a debate and it was found 99% of Callers were in favour and some volunteered they previously had a divorce Party and felt better for it and gained support from unexpected quarters.








We provide transport for Wedding Party Guest groups that need to be moved from nominated pick up points to Church or Outdoor Ceremony or Church to the Reception.

Late- night returns are also available.

6 Tips on Wedding Guest Transport

We have Nightcruisers Wedding Guests Bus Rental/Charters that can seat 21, 30, 45 or up to 70 passengers.

We also have air-conditioned, seat belted luxury Coaches with up to 58 seats available.

We are not limited to the Metro Area.

Nightcruiser passengers are entertained with Music on the way.

No one expects wedding guests to risk drinking and driving so we can pick up from your door, transport during the event and drop back to your door so you can relax the whole day.

In the past, for example, we took a group of 50 from the Crown Casino to Caversham House and at 12 midnight returned them safe in a party mode.

The late-night transfer service to Casino was appreciated as those that needed taxis had plenty on offer.
Wedding Guests Transport sample
From nominated pick up point to Outdoor Service and on to the Reception.