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All Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours and its chosen Sub-Contractors operate under a code of conduct with safety and compliance in mind for fun and safe Party Tours and services for all.

Nightcruiser prides itself on having had a Code of Conduct from the day we started providing Party Bus Tours and Transport so all can have fun and safe celebrations.

We were also founding members of the Vincent Accord Party Bus Code of Conduct and Party Bus Operators Association of Australia.

Outlined below are minimum standards of behaviour that Nightcruiser, Sub-Contractors and the local authorities expect.

It is important that you are familiar with them as you are responsible for you and your Guests behaviour.

This minimizes the possibility of you losing the bond and in some circumstances having to fork out more money for damage.

Additional Code of Conduct rules for the individual Sub- Contractors are listed at the bottom and also need to be adhered to.

In simple language just some simple standards that are required allowing all to have a safe and fun party tour, transport or services.

If you need to get others to assist you with controlling your Guests we advise you organise this prior to departure.

When paying your Deposit/Security Bond you automatically accept the full responsibility and adhere to the Code of Conduct as you are responsible for you and your Guests actions.

Responsibility for Guests Actions
As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions and compliance with the code of conduct.

All Cruiser Captains/Drivers are within their legal rights to evict any individual or all persons at any time at their discretion if you or your guests are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated, insist on consuming alcohol on board or acting in a manner that the host or driver feels is inappropriate or anti-social behaviour or any other reason, no refunds will be given.

You are Responsible

The vehicle/s will not carry any person from your party unless you, the responsible hirer, is on board. If you will not travel with the charter or leave at any time, you must allocate and nominate an adult to take your place to fully accept the responsibility. This person will be responsible.

Sensible Alcohol Consumption
The Nightcruiser Representative encourages sensible alcohol consumption at all times as well as on licensed premises and therefore, if any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance they can be asked to leave the vehicle/tour and if given the option to travel home by taxi or other means do so at their own expense or may immediately terminate the entire tour at the discretion of the after-hours operations manager. In this instance and immediate loss of bond will apply.

Vehicle Damage
Where the vehicle is damaged by you or your guests or left in an unpleasant condition (e.g. Vomit), the vehicle may be withdrawn immediately, and if deemed necessary, all bond may be kept. If you or your guests cause excessive damage, Nightcruiser’s Representative will take reasonable action to recover all costs incurred. Vomit will incur an automatic disinfection charge.

Disorderly Behaviour
The throwing of objects out of windows, fighting, rioting or vandalism to personal property or property of the Representative, the anti-social behaviour will generally result in the passenger/s immediate termination from the tour. No refunds will be given and an immediate loss of entire bond will apply. Any additional costs will be at their own expense e.g. taxi fares.

Final basic rules
No smoking on any vehicle
Must not use, bring or distribute illegal drugs
No body parts outside windows
No climbing, standing or jumping on seats
The emergency windows to be opened only in an emergency
Important no excessive noise made outside in public
No abuse aimed at outside people or traffic
No one to use inside a vehicle, public place, lanes or on street as toilets.
No unnecessary talking to or distraction of Cruiser Captain/Driver, Sub-Contractor driver.
All litter such as soft drink/water cans/plastic bottles must be removed during the tour/service and nothing left behind.
At no stage must anything be thrown out of the windows or place heads, arms, legs or body out of windows at any time.

No.2 Sub-Contractor – additional

This Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards of behaviour that the Director of Liquor Licensing expects of party bus patrons. The organiser agrees to convey the agreed Sub-Contractor’s conditions and Code of Conduct prior to the event, to all guests, subsidiary companies, other associated business groups and staff. Please be aware you must be 18yo and over to complete the online booking form. Responsibilities of patrons: Patrons boarding the bus: 1. Must produce proof of age documentation at the time of pick up. 2. Must not take alcohol off the bus during the course of the trip. 3. Must not at any stage while travelling on or disembarking from the bus: 3a. Behave in a manner likely to distract the driver of the bus. 3b. Urinate in a public place – including a street, lane, alleyway or doorway. 3c. Litter -including empty drink containers, food wrappings or cigarette butts. 3d. Vandalise property, the bus, or another vehicle. 3e. Make excessive noise. 3f. Bring, consume or distribute illegal drugs. 3g. Behave in a violent or aggressive manner. 3e. Behave in an indecent or offensive manner. Must comply with a direction by a police officer or compliance inspector, including a direction to produce proof of age documentation. Offences: Under the Summary Offenses Act 1966, it is an offence to be drunk or drunk and disorderly in a public place. (Please note: Liquor Licensing now includes the bus as a public place). In addition, the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 prohibits Underage drinking, Anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises, Disturbance of the neighbourhood amenities, Refusing a direction by a police member or compliance inspector. Patrons who do not comply with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 may be guilty of an offence and issued an infringement notice or be ordered by the court to pay a fine.