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Biggest choice of Birthday Celebration Tours with Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours - Perth

Scroll down to the biggest selection of Birthday Celebration Party Tour Options with both Day and Night Tours.

18th Birthday Party
Night Tour   Wine-Brewery Tour  Day Party Tour

21st Birthday Party
Night Tour  Wine-Brewery Tour  Day Party Tour

30th Birthday Party
Night Tour  Wine-Brewery Tour  Day Party Tour

40th Birthday Party
Night Tour   Wine Brewery Tour   Day Party Tour

50th Birthday Party
Night Tour  Wine Brewery Tour   Day Party Tour

60th Birthday Party
Night Tour   Wine-Brewery Tour   Day Party Tour

Teen Birthday Party Fun Party Bus
Day Party Tour
    Night Party Tour

Kids Birthday Party Fun Party Bus
Day Party Tour    Night Party Tour

18th Birthday Night Tour

 Need help with your 18th Birthday Party Bash planning?

The Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours Booking Crew will assist you on the spot with many options for your 18th Birthday Party and try and incorporate you and your friends’ ideas.

Then imagine doing an event on your Facebook and invite your friends. Don’t forget to post heaps of photos when you create your Birthday Photo album and invite your friends to contribute of your once in a lifetime event.

We have been performing awesome 18th Birthday Party Tours for some time with limos style seating, subwoofer sound, disco & LED party lights, dancefloor, dancepole plus connect with our sound system with your smartphone and play your own tunes.

We give you inclusive time schedules and also have a largest pickup area in WA.

Assisting you with a schedule to fit in your personal request is our speciality. We don’t force you to go where you and your guests don’t want to go!

We provide the biggest pickup areas.

18th Birthday Party Wine/Brewery Tour

The Nightcruiser pioneered this popular 18th Birthday Wine / Brewery Tour.
When you contact the Nightcruiser Booking Crew they will discuss it with you quickly and then send out all the information to you with heaps of hints and Venue Guides.

18th Birthday Party Day Tour

You decide and plan out your own schedule or the Nightcruiser Booking Crew will assist you.

Invite all your friends via an event notice on your social media.

Invite everyone to assist with music which they can plug into the sound system.
Nightcruiser to surprise everyone when it arrives and all pile in for an awesome day of celebration with this once in a lifetime planned out event.
We will assist with a workable schedule.

You can fit in pub hopping and some even include Jet Boat, Kart hire, Lazer Games, Paintball or even Supa Golf.

21st Birthday Party Night Tour

The Nightcruiser Perth Party Bus Tours are famous for 21st Birthday Party Ideas.

There is every chance you had your 18th with us and had a ball and survived or you were a guest on a Nightcruiser in the past

See also 21st Brewery / Wine Day Tour

• Yes you can book your own venues
• Best pre-tour Assistance and advice
• More Party time with us from 7 pm till 12 midnight
• On Board Subwoofer sound and disco lights
• Bring your own music and connect with our power sound system.
• Nightcruiser Party Tours now available in 21, 25, 30, 32 seats

All the Hints
We are popular with 21st Birthday Parties because we assist you with your all night Nightcruiser Party Bus Tour.
We care and give you all the hints when you book or make enquiries.

21st Birthday Party Day Tour

There are a number of reason why people choose to celebrate during the day with a Nightcruiser 21st Birthday Party Tour.

21st Birthday Party Wine / Brewery Tour








30th Birthday Party Night Tour

The Nightcruiser Booking Crew Perth have assisted many people with planning out their 30th.

Some have included visits to Breweries at Night and not just in the Swan Valley. If kept a secret it is always a nice surprise when your Guests get to visit and discover new venues. Check out the Nightcruiser Venue Guide.

You might want to include some of the latest additions to the many new Bars on offer.

We will provide you also with an exclusive venue deals list once you call us.

30th Birthday Party Wine / Brewery Tour

These Party Tours are very popular and we encourage you to plan and book well in advance. Not are they popular with us , you might find it difficulate to book venues unless its well in advance.

Keep in mind also that you will be able to bluetooth your own tunes through our power systems.


40th Birthday Party Night Tour

Night Tours usally start anytime after 7 pm and they finish around 12 midnight.
We provide a Door to Door service or pick up from a Venue and some choose to meet there and have a meal and drink first.
As there are so many new Venues both Bars and Breweries in the Metro area it is easy to plan a workable schedule.

The Nightcruiser Crew suggest you might want to keep the schedule a secret and only you the orgainiser and driver will know on the night.
This adds to the excitment during the night and surpirses people who will get to experianc evenues they did not even excist or have not been to before.

The Nightcruiser Booking Crew Perth are happy to assist with this planning

40th Birthday Party Day Tour – Wine / Brewery Tour


40th Birthday Party Day Tour

There are a number of reason why people choose to celebrate during the day with a Nightcruiser Birthday Party Tour.

At the end of your tour, we can drop you into Northbridge or drop you at a Sunday session or at the Crown Casino.

We have different Bus sizes for you to choose from and with our power sound systems [plug in your own music], subwoofer speakers,  disco party lights onboard and options with a dancing pole.
The Nightcruiser Booking Crew are ready to assist.

50th Birthday Party Night Tour

We advise and can plan your Birthday Party event with the Nightcruiser to suit your requirement while at the same time provide you with ideas and assistance.

Your celebration, that will be remembered by your guests for years to come and it can take many forms with the Nightcruiser.

You might like to consider a day tour and include a visit to Wineries and Breweries in the Swan Valley and there are also special lunch offers.

either a day tour or night tour with onboard merriment and bring your own music that you remember from the past years and plug into our sound system.

We’ll have your party singing and dancing in the aisles to music you remember

50th Birthday Wine / Brewery Tour

50th Birthday Party Day Tour




Teen Birthday Party Fun Party Bus








Originally created by the Nightcruiser Party Bus Crew

The Teen Fun Buses with Nightcruiser can seat up to 32 teens and adults but most have between 15 – 25 on board.

Power Sound and Disco Lights:
With the subwoofer sound pumping and the Disco Party Lights dazzling, you will have a huge party happening with the max atmosphere.

Own Music:
Nightcruisers are equipped with CD players and Electronic Devices compatible. We suggest that you put together your own music program allowing you to share your own Music selection to be pumped via our powerful system.

On-Board Dancing
You and your guests can even dance* on board!
* By permission of Cruiser Captain

We can pick up from anywhere anytime, day or night.
Usually from the Residence where the party is which makes an ideal pick up and drop off point.

Home Party – from the party after the presents are handed to the birthday person and food and refreshments had been served saving it to be done on the way.

McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks.  We can pick up from there after the party function instead of home. That way it will not detract from your 3 hours on the Nightcruiser and allow more driving distance.


General Info
Below you will find lots of information and Kids Birthday Party ideas.

The Nightcruiser is available daytime or early evening any day of the week and weekend.

If you check out past events below it will give you some ideas.
You might want to get your friends help you plan out your Nightcruiser Children Birthday Party.

There is really no age limit as long as there is adult supervision with you on board.