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The Nightcruiser Brewery Party Tour has proven to be popular and many times are combined with our Birthday Party Tour, Bucks Party or from a huge range of Pub, Club and Bar Crawls.

We can cater for any size crowd and the vehicles have music onboard allowing you to bring your favourited music along and plug into the system plus limited drinking allowed.

You are welcome to choose your venues and our Brewery Venue Guide or more on our Pubs, Bars and Club Venue Guide might assist you.

You will also find our experiance Drivers will have full knowledge where is best to go and if not suitable will move onto the next venue.

The Breweries also make an ideal pick up point after everybody has meet up and you might want to include a meal / drinks prior to your all night adventure,  finishing up in Flinders Street at the end of your night to party on.

Ingredients for a Celebration Party for years to remember of your once in a lifetime event.