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The Nightcruiser Party Bus Townsville Booking Crew have established many affiliates and partner relationships.

We have many deals and information on our venues, establishments and businesses.

We boast the largest venue information and deals list, collated over many years.

We believe it is important to provide a personalised informative service, with deals that are past onto you as this will assist you with planning your tour with us for a workable schedule..

In many instances, we also book the venues on your behalf as a complimentary added service by the Nightcruiser booking crew.

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At J.R.Technologies, ever since our inception in 2011, we have taken the World Wide Web as the most coveted platform to let the world know about the story that our clients have to say. It is our responsibility to convert it to the “inescapable bestseller” that will be loved and appreciated by your audience from all over the world.