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What a surprise!

What will you dream up yourself?

First introduced, planned and produced by our Principle Roland Ott they have had a profound effect with lasting memories.

Ask us to assist you with planning your surprise Pick up for the Surprise Nightcruiser Party Bus Brisbane Tour.


We are still the only Party Bus Tours Brisbane Company providing this idea. So let’s chat and assist you.

Past Student surprise Birthday with Nightcruiser
Knocked on the front door and when opened by birthday girl 50 student friends shouted “Surprise”
They grabbed her and everybody went on a mystery pub crawl organised by the Nightcruiser Crew Brisbane

Julie’s Bon Voyage turned into a huge surprise
Julie was off overseas on a backpackers adventure to catch up with her Boyfriend in Scotland. The surprise Nightcruiser Party Bus Tour was organised and suggested by the Nightcruiser Crew. The Nightcruiser meet 35 girls at the Entertainment Centre Car Park and then stopped around the corner from Julie’s place.
The group snug around the side to the front door, knock knock and “SURPRISE”.
Julie was due to be picked up by her best friend for dinner instead it turned out a wild evening Pub Crawl never to be forgotten.
Julie did not sleep that night and took off at 6 am to the airport for her flight!

Shock drag Party turns into surprise Birthday Pub Crawl with Nightcruiser
It was agreed that at Rowan’s birthday since he enjoyed dressing up, they have a dress up drag party. You know girls come as guys and guys as girls.
The Nightcruiser with 40 of Rowan’s friends assembled quietly at his front door, knocked on his door and “Surprise”. The photo says it all!They grabbed Rowan onto the Nightcruiser for a Pub and Club Crawl. Will he ever forget that birthday or ever dress up again?

Schools and Past Re-Visited
The Nightcruiser Crew planned and assisted with organising a 40th Birthday which included an early start and almost turned into a reunion.
Prior to hitting past Pubs, Clubs and Bars a special drive around route was planned which took people past landmark such as Primary School, Sporting grounds amd other past historical places of interest. While this was going on the Nightcruiser would stop and 1 member had to volunteer to confess something from the past. e.g. That is the shed where we used to smoke behind etc.

Seniors surprise Birthday Party Tour with Nightcruiser

Senior woman celebrating birthday with family

All family members and the 60-year-old friends were picked up from one point.
The Birthday person was told be expect a pick up at 11 am for a Birthday family lunch.
We arrived and dropped all off on a side street and snug around the front.
Knock, knock and the 60-year-old opened the door and 35 people shouted “Surprise”….and was whisked away to a restaurant for a great birthday lunch followed by a return and sight seeing on the way home.
Then on to a Pub and Club Crawl for the younger set.



It’s a total Mystery even to all your guests. Keep them guessing till the end.

The Nightcruiser Crew have exclusive Mystery Tour ideas that are so secretive we can not tell you. It’s a mystery.

Seriously in the past all Mystery Tours have been fun to organise and we are happy to share them with you for something different that will impress all your guests.

It adds to the Fun for either a day or night tour.

We can incorporate some of your ideas as well.

If you call the Nightcruiser Crew they will be happy to explain this exciting different tour idea to you as at this stage it is still a mystery 🙂

We have not listed much here as otherwise your guests can look it up and get some hints.



Now the Nightcruiser Crew carry on the tradition and have put together some Mother’s Day Celebration suggestions.
Here is all the Information

The majority of countries that celebrate Mother’s Day do so on the second Sunday of May. On this Mother Day, it is common for Mothers to be lavished with presents and special attention from their families, friends and loved ones. But it hasn’t always been this way.
Only recently dubbed “Mother’s Day,” the highly traditional practice of honoring of Motherhood is rooted in antiquity, and past rites typically had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones; societies tended to celebrate Goddesses and symbols rather than actual Mothers. In fact, the personal, human touch to Mother’s Day is a relatively new phenomenon. The maternal objects of adoration ranged from mythological female deities to the Christian Church itself. Only in the past few centuries did celebrations of Motherhood develop a decidedly human focus.

“Moving Party People”™

We can seat any number of groups, family members and guests on a Nightcruiser for a day tour outing or a Night tour.

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What to do on Father’s Day
Father’s Day is a celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting, and to honour and commemorate fathers and forefathers.

The Nightcruiser Crew have come up with some exciting Fathers Day Outing ideas based on our 20 years of experiance..

Call us and we will share with you our previous successful Fathers Day tours and ideas.

Here is more information:
“Moving Party People”™

We can seat any number of groups, family members and guests on a Nightcruiser for a day tour or Night tour outing.

Happy to pick up the group anytime after 10:00am and finish with you around 5:00 pm for a day tour.

The Night tours start anytime after 7:00 pm and finish around Midnight.

1 way or 2 way group transport in a party atmosphere is also popular to and from Restaurants, Casino or Nightlife areas.

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