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– Wollongong 04-10-19 Updated 04-21, 01-24
Below the Nightcruiser [Agent] Booking Crew – Wollongong has put up the terms and conditions that you will need to agree with when accepting a booking.
They are prepared in simple detail for your benefit and must be adhered to as we operate strictly in a law-abiding manner.
By Paying your Deposit/Security Bond you [Buyer] automatically accept full responsibility and the Terms and Conditions below.
This includes our chosen Sub-Contractors [Supplier] terms and conditions we and you adhere to.TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR NIGHTCRUISER PARTY TOURS –Wollongong 04-1019 Updated 04-21, 01-24

1.  Responsibility
You must be over 18 years old to make any booking or can use your Parent or Guardian or with their written authority to make it on your behalf.
You automatically agree, confirm and accept full responsibility to the set-out terms and conditions herewith when you pay your booking/security deposit and bond to Show World Corporation Pty. Ltd. trading as “Nightcruiser” [Agent] for and on behalf of any Nightcruiser’s chosen Sub-Contractor [Supplier] carrying out the services.
Nightcruiser chosen Sub-Contractors [Suppliers]
Various chosen Sub-Contractors assist us with delivering our exclusive Party Tours, Transport and Services.
You agree, accept and understand that Nightcruiser [Agent] will allocate a suitable Sub-Contractor to carry out the Nightcruiser Party Tour and Services as agreed.
They will be in full control and assist you directly and you will abide by their own terms and conditions. Their additional terms and conditions are shown below.
Furthermore, you agree to the emailed out tour schedule and detailed arrangements.
2. Communication: Email communication, faxes and text between our offices and clients are deemed and treated the same as a signed legal contract .
3.  Booking Deposit / Bond: Must be paid in advance by the due date requested as stated and or attached in our email to protect your date. Payment options are also detailed and included.
4. Refund of Deposit: We are unable to refund your booking deposit for whatever reason, time or circumstance.
5. Security BondThe bond must be paid in time as requested in the booking email.
5.1 Bond refund It can be refunded once we have advice from the Sub-Contractor [Supplier] to do so.
At the end of the tour, the vehicle will be checked by the Sub-contractor [Supplier] driver.
It will be your, the customer’s [Buyer]’s responsibility to request the Bond refund and provide us with your Bank details allowing us to do so.
6. Bond: Your pre-paid bond cannot be used towards your job fee or cash fee due prior to departure. Otherwise we hold no damage security bond.
7. Damage Inspection prior to Departure:We suggest that when you initially board and pay your fee due, prior to your guests boarding, you also inspect the vehicle for any damage prior to departure. That way there will be no dispute as to when the damage occurred.
8. After 12 midnight Charters: We and our Representative reserve the right to full payment including the bond in advance for any charters starting after 12 midnight.
9. Payment due. Full Amount Due Prior to Boarding: As per the agreement, is to be paid in cash, (unless otherwise arranged in advance. No cheque accepted unless first cleared and 5 working days is needed to have them cleared) before boarding and departure in full to the driver by the person who is responsible for the charter. Cruiser Captains do not carry any change. See also 6.
10. Collection of Monies: Under no circumstances is it the responsibility of the Driver to collect individual passenger money, should you be collecting from your guests towards the costs.
11. Arrival Cancellation: If a chartered vehicle arrives at the pickup point and the responsible client does not wish to go ahead, for whatever reason, the total charge for the charter is still due, less anticipated fuel costs not used, by negotiations with depot operations manager at the time.
12.   The responsibility of Guests Actions:
As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions. All Drivers are within their legal rights to evict any or all persons at any time if they are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, causing unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated or insist on consuming alcohol on board.
13.   You are Responsible:
The vehicle/s will not carry any person from your party unless you, the responsible hirer, is on board. We will keep the bond until such time as your guests have departed the vehicle/s at the end of the charter. If you will not travel with the charter you must allocate and nominate an adult to take your place to fully accept the responsibility and the booking must be in their name.
14.   Teen Fun Bus and Kids Party Bus Tours Adult Supervision: Suitable Adult supervision must be provided as instructed by the Nightcruiser Crew. The number of adults is dependent on the number of passengers. The driver can not supervise any group other than carrying out his responsibility under the Transport Act.
15.   Liability: All reasonable precautions, safety and due care will be taken, however in the case of sickness, accident or injury by any passenger, the Perth, WA. Nightcruiser Licensee and or “Nightcruiser” take no responsibility for the costs or actions taken against them, while at all times ensuring the best possible care and attention.
16.   Travel Insurance: We recommend, if thought necessary by you and passengers to protect against sickness, medical expenses, ambulance transport, loss of earnings, accident and/or unforeseen circumstances. They do so at their own expense and this should be pointed out in advance by the charterer to their guests.
17.   Sub-contracted out: Nightcruiser sub-contract out its tours to chosen Representatives and charters to various Sub-Contractors and that you agree to this service. All representatives / subcontractors have agreed to provide the licensed out service to Nightcruiser’s strict company policy.
18.   Late Arrival, Delays or Sub-contracted out: Be assured that we always do our utmost to provide the service booked, arrive on time, even arrive in advance at times. However, if delays occur due to mechanical failure, traffic conditions, sickness, provision of a sub-contracted vehicle instead of a Nightcruiser Party Bus or without Nightcruiser livery or any other cause, you agree not to make any claim against us.
19.   All of the agreed itinerary/ schedules needs to be maintained:
Times or venues cannot be changed during the agreed tour as venues have accepted bookings for the time booked and may not grant access if late arrival.
20.   Loss of Bond: If changes to schedule made and non-arrival at the booked venue. Venues are booked for and on your behalf as an additional courtesy service by the Nightcruiser Crew. Venues hold the time slot free so we don’t get turned away at arrival. You must agree to maintain to the agreed tour schedule and it can not be changed during the tour. You will lose your bond automatically as venues; especially Wineries will make financial loss claims against Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours. If claim is greater than your bond, we will reclaim any additional charges from you, to which you agree.
21.   We Can Not Accept Responsibility:
If Venues, Police / Council Rangers/Parking Inspectors ask us to move on without allowing disembarkation. As we always comply with laws, you agree not to make any claim against Westwide Corridor Coaches Pty. Ltd. [Perth, WA. Nightcruiser Licensee] and or Nightcruiser and or Show World Corporation Pty. Ltd. trading as Nightcruiser, as this is out of our control.
22.   Venues Information, Deals and Free booked VIP entry:
Deals, Information and all other arrangements are obtained on behalf of you and your guest’s as a complimentary additional service by the Nightcruiser Crew. [If applicable and available in your area].
These provisions are provided directly by the Venues and are out of our control. We can not offer any guarantees or entertain any comebacks if what we have arranged is not provided. You agree not to make any claims against our Representative/Sub-Contractors or Show World Corporation Pty. Ltd. trading as Nightcruiser.
Some Venues for various reasons require additional entry fees and have strict dress codes and once they have reached their patron legal limits cannot allow additional patron in by law.
Please note! Some of these services, however, might not be offered in your particular area.
23.   Wine, Beer and Spirit tasting Disclaimer:
All Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries could charge a tasting fee which is not included in the Nightcruiser Charges. The venues request that you collect the fees from your guests and pay them in one lump sum.
24.   Non Entry to Venues:
If Authorities change the trading hours or conditions of entry or deals to a venue for whatever reason, you agree not to make any claim against Nightcruiser and the Sub-Contractor [Supplier], as it is not within our powers to demand deals or entry. It is up to the client to check with the venue in advance for any change.
25.   Time loss:
Or any personal expenses, entry fees incurred as a result of delays, alteration or curtailment of any charter, whether caused by mechanical defects, flooding, civil commotion, riots, terrorism, driver mistakes or any other cause, are the responsibility of the Charterer. We always try our hardest to maintain all schedules and understand the importance. If additional expense is incurred for taxis or other transport you agree not to make a claim against us.
26.   Sensible Alcohol Consumption:
Alcohol is permitted on board on a BYO Basis.
STRICTLY NO Red Wine or Glass.
A Reminder, venues reserve the right to refuse entry into venues and we highly discourage excess drinking.
Food is STRICTLY not permitted on board.
Nightcruiser Representatives and or “Nightcruiser” encourages  sensible alcohol consumption on licensed premises and therefore, if any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance they can be asked to leave the vehicle/tour and if given the option to travel home by taxi or other means do so at their own expense.
27. Keep inside at all times
It is illegal to throw any items out of the windows and or have hand, arms, heads or bodies hanging out of the windows.
This includes plastic drink bottles or cans.
28.   Bus/Vehicle Groups or Charters:
BYO is permitted on the vehicle and at the discretion of the Representative.
No glass, including bottles or glasses, on the Bus.
29.   Street Drinking:
It is an offence for a person to consume liquor on any road, park or reserve within the boundaries of the metropolitan area or of a town or townsite, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Minimum Penalty: $200, Maximum Penalty: $1000+
30.   Passenger Property Loss:
All property and valuables remain the responsibility of their owners. Drivers are not permitted under strict company policy to store, look after passengers’ goods or clothing or hold property for Safe Keeping. Nightcruiser or their Representative cannot take responsibility for items left on vehicles and or are lost or stolen.
If any property is found deemed lost, we hold it at the Depot after entering it into a Lost Register.
We will not be liable or will not pay for damage to property or clothing which belongs to any person in vehicles including trailer.
We take no responsibility for lost property while waiting collection.
30a. Electronic devices disclaimer [iPhone, iPods and other devises]:
Nightcruiser and its Sub-Contractors [Suppliers] encourages the use of Smart phones, Electronic Devices, Laptops, Tablet PCs, iPhone, iPad, iPod for the purpose to allow passengers to bring their own music [or stream] and plug into our sound system via Bluetooth or AUX cable..
Nightcruiser or its Sub-Contractors [Suppliers] can not accept any responsibility for such electronic devices if damaged, lost whilst on the vehicles or damaged electronically.
At no stage must they be left unattended with Driver/Nightcruiser Captains at anytime.
All Charterer [Buyers] must advice their guests of this fact and agree to do so. Any connection leads required should be bought along by Charterer [Buyer] .
31.  Soiled and or damaged Clothing:
We have a regular routine cleaning program in place; however we ask you and your guests to check seats prior to use as we will not accept responsibility for any soiled, damaged or torn clothing resulting from seats, the interior or exterior of the vehicles.
32.   Photo IDs:
Are imperative for all patrons entering licensed premises. It’s their responsibility to have them available. Some venues now require 2 ID’s.
33.   Under Age:
Persons taking responsibility for these terms and conditions must be of legal age, 18 years and over. If any passengers are found to be under age on alcohol related tours they can not stay on the tour.
It will be up to the Charterer [Buyer] to arrange for their transport to make their own way home at their own expense and can not stay on board with the Nightcruiser during the duration of the organised total schedule.
34.   Conduct Code is Simple:
“Nightcruiser” and its Sub-Contrator [Supplier] operates under its own strict Code of Conduct and any fighting, rioting, vandalism, unruly and abusive behaviour/language in or outside vehicles, in public or venues, damage to personal property, passengers or property of the Nightcruiser / Vehicle will result in the immediate termination of a tour/charter and withdrawal of services. Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours are foundation members of various Accords and strictly abides by these codes.
Nightcruiser is a foundation member of the Nightclub Tours Operators of Australia, Gold member of the Party Bus Association of Australia and their code of conduct.
35.   Vehicle Damage:
Where the vehicle is damaged by you or your guests, or left in an unpleasant condition (e.g. Vomit), the vehicle may be withdrawn immediately, and if deemed necessary, all bond may be kept. If you or your guests cause excessive damage, Nightcruiser and or its Sub-Contractor [Supplier] will take action to recover all costs incurred. Vomit will incur an automatic $100 disinfection charge and or loss of Bond.
36.   Breaking of Emergency Windows:
Back Window, Roof Emergency Exit vents, Middle or Front doors without an emergency will incur an automatic replacement cost, plus new signage charge. Total approx. $550.00 depending on damage.
36a. Transport regulations:
Replacement only by licensed tradesmen.
37.   Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kits:
If abused by passengers they will need to be replaced and charged to Client.
38.   Venue Dress Standards and behaviour rules:
It is the individuals’ responsibility to make sure they adhere to venues dress codes and behaviour rules.
39.   Musical Requests:
Clients are welcome to bring own CDs and iPhones, iPods or other devices to play their own music at their own risk. Suitable connection cords should also be supplied.
40.   Power Sound System:
Amplifiers and Speakers are checked prior to departure from our depot, should they fail during the tour you agree not to make any claim against us. We will endeavour the repair or replace during your tour but feel continuation of tour/transport is paramount.
41.  Weather:
Weather Conditions can not be used as a reason to cancel any Nightcruiser services.
42.  Payments:
Deposit & Bond payments must be received in advance before we confirm your booking.
Full job payments must also be made in advance.
Requiremenrs might be arranged differently and you will see it stated in your tentative booking email.
Payments for the Job must be made upon arrival in cash prior to service allowing you to collect from your guests.
All payments can be made in advance via:
1.Visa or MasterCard (No Amex) (over the phone).
2. Pay anybody Bank Transfer. Bank account details in your Booking email.
3. Direct over the counter bank deposit or
“Last minute” guests are more than welcome and the Crew will provide you with the different payment options.
Electronic transfers carry no charge and must reach us by the due date.
Payments made by Credit Card incur a small additional 2.9% Surcharge as to what we are charged.
43.  Price change and Money due:
You can not change the price agreed to prior to the arrival of the service. If you experience fewer passengers turning up it is your responsibility to make up the difference or increase the per head basis you collect from your Guests.
The bond can at times be used towards payment if authorised by Nightcruiser or the Sub-Contractor [Supplier], but will not be refunded or cannot be claimed at a later time.
44. Covid-19
It is the responsibility of the Hirer [Buyer] to ensure all government laws, signage displayed, requests by the Driver or Company and all procedures related to Covid-19 are adhered to. The Driver and Company reserve the right to refuse entry or terminate a charter if any passengers are exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 and will not be liable for any costs associated with this.
We will require a passenger manifest with each passenger’s full name and contact number prior to your departure in writing.
Where we have transported a passenger who becomes infected with Covid-19, the Hirer is responsible for notifying the Company immediately.
The above Terms and Conditions still apply, however, our cancellation policy will differ due to COVID-19 related matters.
Nightcruiser Party Buses and our Sub-Contractors [Suppliers] endeavour to follow the safety guidelines as set by the AU Government for the various COVID-19 Levels.

  • If the region where the event is booked is in lockdown level 3 or 4 and we (Nightcruiser Party Buses and the Supplier) cannot provide the event as planned due to the level restrictions, where possible, the event will be postponed to a future date agreeable with all parties. This way we are protecting all the businesses involved and the work that everyone has put into planning your event to date.
  • Should you not agree with the rescheduling you then decide to cancel, we will offer a full refund of your bond where our Sub-Contactor [Supplier’s] COVID policy allows but your deposit is non-refundable as stated at the interim in your booking email.
  • If the region where the event is booked is in level 1 or 2 – the event can go ahead [unless there are capacity issues due to COVID restrictions], it will go ahead as originally planned. Please refer to our normal cancelation rules. No refunds are given should the number of guests have dropped due to some choosing not to attend due to COVID or their region being in lockdown. Where possible, we can look at postponing your event, however as stated in your booking email your deposit is lost if cancelling.

    Postponement Terms
  • Pending the Sub-Contractor [Supplier’s]  postponement terms which are normally either allowed up to 3 or 6  months from the booked event date, we will reschedule your event for a date that will suit both you and the affected Sub-Contractor [Supplier].
  • Please note that if funds have been forwarded to the Sub-Contractor [Supplier] already in terms of a bond, deposit or final payment and for any reason, in the postponement time frame the supplier goes into receivership, Nightcruiser Party Buses is not liable and those funds can’t be claimed back through Show World Corporation Pty. Ltd. trading as Nightcruiser Party Buses.
    For your event to go ahead, Nightcruiser Party Buses would have to book another Sub-Contractor [Supplier] and establish a new Booking with new costs stated via a booking email.
  • We are happy to postpone the event wherever possible however it could occur an admin fee. This will apply each time you change the date.

46. LIMITED LIABILITY Nightcruiser [Agent]
46.1 If a liquidator, trustee, receiver, administrator, administrative receiver or similar officer is appointed over the Sub-Contactor [Supplier] and if your [Buyer] deposits, bonds, job fees have been been forwarded to the Sub-Contactor [Supplier] you argee not to claim any moneis paid to us. They need to be calimed from the Sub-Contractor [Supplier].
46.2 You [Buyer] agree not to claim any damages against us, caused out of the consequence of the Sub-Contractor’s actions, not providing the services or refunding any funds, agreed not to claim again us [Agent]
46.2 You agree not to claim any damages that might have been caused due any loss of the Sub-Contractors action.

47.1 The Agent reserves the right to defer the date of delivery or to terminate the Relevant Obligations or alter the Services ordered by the Buyer (without liability to the Buyer) if it is prevented from or delayed in the carrying on of its business due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Agent including, without limitation, acts of God, governmental actions, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not relating to either party’s workforce), or restraints or delays affecting carriers or inability or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable materials, provided that, if the event in question continues for a continuous period in excess of 80 Business Days, the Buyer shall be entitled to give notice in writing to the Agent to terminate the Relevant Obligations.

In the event of a cancellation due to a government mandated shutdown you can change the date of your tour (provided it’s within 12 months) with the
following condition: Money that we have paid to venues to secure your booking and tasting MAY OR MAY NOT BE RECOVERABLE. This will depend on the venues’ policies and it is beyond our control.
We also cannot guarantee that the venue will be able to accommodate you at a later date.
We do NOT offer refunds in the event of a government mandated shutdown.

We reserve the right to apply additional charges due to suddenly increased fuel costs and extra if your agreed schedule does overtime as stated in your tentative or confirmed booking email.

SUB-CONTRATOR [Supplier]  No.1 Additional terms and Conditions

SUB-CONTRACTOR [Supplier] No.1

To confirm any booking a booking deposit/damage security bond is required. By paying this Deposit/bond you automatically agree to the terms & conditions set out below.
Vehicle and booking will not be secured for your tour until the bond is received, and therefore first come first served due to the demand for Nightcruiser Party Tour. 2. COMMUNICATION LEGAL DOCUMENT Any phone, email and text message correspondence is deemed the same as a legally signed document.  3. CANCELLATION CHARGES POLICY. Cancelling a confirmed and fully paid booking less than 24 hours prior to your pickup booking scheduled time will result in a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total booking price. Cancelling a confirmed and paid booking more than 24 hours prior to your pickup booking scheduled time, will result in a cancellation fee equal to holding deposit.4. REFUND CLAIM Refund of Security Bond/ Deposit: The booking deposit automatically becomes your damage bond, once paid. At the end of the tour, the vehicle will be checked by the Representative’s driver. It will be you’re, the customer’s responsibility to visit the Representative’s website and click into the bond refund form and complete the questionnaires with your bank account detail and bond will be refunded within 5 working days providing no damage and terms & conditions are met. 5. FULL-SERVICE PRICE PAYABLE IN CASH. Payment is due in full prior to boarding unless agreed to be paid 7 days in advance via credit card or direct deposit.6. INSPECT VEHICLE UPON ARRIVAL. Inspection prior to departure is suggested.  Board bus alone, pay your charter fee and inspects the bus for any damage. Any damage caused during the charter will be your responsibility. 7. CLEANING FEE. Cleaning fee up to $100 will be charged at the driver’s discretion if the bus is left in an untidy state. There are bins supplied please assist by using them. Vomit will warrant an automatic loss of bond. 8. ONBOARD ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION. BYO Alcohol is permitted a maximum of 2 drinks per guest. Under no circumstances should any glass items be brought onto the bus. All drinks should be in plastic or cans. We do not take any responsibility for any injury as you are held accountable for any glass brought onto the bus without our knowledge.9. SENSIBLE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION The Representative party bus encourages and enforces sensible alcohol consumption at all times. If any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance they can be asked to leave the vehicle and if given the option to travel home by taxi or other means do so at their own expense or may immediately terminate the entire tour at the discretion of the Driver. In this instance and immediate loss of the entire bond will apply.10. DAMAGE. Where the vehicle is damaged by the hirer or your guests we reserve the right to cancel the charter immediately and if deemed necessary, all bond may be kept. If you the hirer and your guests cause excessive damage loss of bond will result. The Representative/Subcontractor will take reasonable action to recover all costs incurred. An invoice will be sent to the Hirer for any additional costs with 7-day payment terms. Failure to pay this amount may result in debt collection, and further legal proceedings may commence. As the hirer, you will be responsible for all debt collection fees, interest charges and any other expenses incurred in the recovery of these monies. No standing jumping or dancing on bus seats, loss of bond and a $200 per damaged seat will or occur. 11. SMOKING ONBOARD State Law prohibits smoking on passenger vehicles. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the bus with no refund provided 12. UNFORESEEABLE EVENTS AND OUT OF OUR CONTROL Traffic, Mechanical failure, street access and other conditions are unpredictable. If your vehicle does not arrive as expected we will not be held liable and you agree not to claim against the Representative or Show World Corporation trading as Nightcruiser. 13. HIRER’S RESPONSIBILITY As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions and compliance with the terms and conditions. The driver is within their legal rights to evict any individual or all persons at any time at their discretion if you or your guests are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated, or acting in a manner that the driver feels is inappropriate at their discretion, no refunds will be given, and an automatic loss of the entire bond will occur.14. WAITING TIME At times where the bus is made to wait due to you or your group you will be charged at $200 per hour rounded up in 15-minute increments ($50). This fee also applies to additional stop-offs at the end of night. (E.g. McDonald’s on the way home) Should this waiting exceed your bond, or where you have already lost your bond you may be required to pay extra in cash or via credit card to continue the night. If a prior agreement has been made this clause will not apply.15. ADULT SUPERVISION Teen Fun Bus and Kids Party Bus Tours Adult Supervision. Suitable Adult supervision must be provided as instructed by The Representative. The number of adults is dependent on the number of passengers. The driver cannot supervise any group other than carry out his responsibility under the Transport of NSW Act.16. BEHAVIOUR. The throwing of objects out of windows is illegal. Passengers must keep all body parts inside the bus at all times, fighting, rioting, vandalism, damage to personal property or property of The Representative or anti-social behaviour will generally result in the passenger/s immediate termination from the tour, or in certain circumstances the cancellation of the entire tour. No refunds will be given and an immediate loss of entire bond and service charge will apply. Any additional costs will be at their own expense e.g. taxi fares.17. LOST PROPERTY. We take no responsibility for any items left on our buses, but any items that are found will be kept in our office for seven days for safekeeping. After this period, we reserve the right to donate or dispose of the items accordingly. 18. PHOTOS Sometimes we have a host on the bus who takes photos or video. These photos are published on the Nightcruiser website or social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. If you do not want these photos to be published on our website or social media you must advise us prior to the event, during the event or after the event following your party. If you do not like any or all of your photos that are published, let us know and they will be removed. 19. PAYMENTS. Bond payments must be received in advance before we confirm your booking with due date indicated in the booking office correspondence.  Payments for the Job [depending on the arrangement as per your booking confirmation] must be made clear 7 business days in advance or upon arrival in cash prior to service allowing you to collect from your guests. All payments can be made in advance via:
A. Visa or MasterCard (over the phone) Mobile 0427 553340.
B. Pay anybody Bank Transfer to
Show World Corp. Pty. Ltd. 

306 – 042,
 Your Booking Number and or Name
3. Direct over the counter bank deposit or “Last minute” guests are more than welcome and the Nightcruiser Booking Crew will provide you with the different payment options. Electronic transfers carry no charge and must reach us by the due date. Payments made by Credit Cards incur a small additional 2.9% Surcharge

SUB-CONTRACTOR [Supplier] No.2

Buses used are equipped with fun and entertainment in mind and have CD Player and AUX cable connection to enable you to play your own music. Some buses have Flat Screen TV, Ice Box, and dance poles. There is a limited selection of pre-made music available, please advise us at time of booking if you do not have your own music.
Our Nightcruiser Representatives in Wollongong plays music LOUD WITH LOTS OF BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHTS.
If you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or any other symptoms which could be affected by loud music and flashing lights we suggest that you do not travel on our buses. We do not accept any liability for hearing loss or any other form of illness or symptoms brought on by travelling on our buses.
Job Acceptance-
So you have received your quote and want to go ahead and book. Firstly, you MUST check all details are correct.  If any changes are to be made please contact our office staff.
*Please note*. Time and location changes may affect the charter price. Our staff will then process the booking confirmation and send it back to you within 48 hours. Payment- A $200 deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance of payment is required 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE BOOKING DATE.
There are no refunds of your deposit/bond if a cancellation is requested. Jobs cancelled once booked will incur the deposit/bond and booking fee. Jobs cancelled within 7 days of the booking will incur up to a 50% charge of the booking/package fee as we are usually unable to re-hire the vehicle within this time. 
Bond (Damages / Excess Cleaning)-
The hirer agrees to a $500 bond via credit card authorisation and that any damage caused to the vehicle by the hirer or group will be deducted from the $500 bond without further notice. The Hirer agrees to pay for any damages above the bond amount direct to us within 48 hours of the charter. Failure to pay for excess damage may result in the Police being notified and or civil procedures in order to recover our costs. Vomit / Excess Cleaning is charged at the rate if $150.00 per vehicle, our vehicles have bins and sick bags, please use them if required. Times / Pickups- Vehicles will arrive 5 minutes prior to your requested pickup time. It is important for your group to departs at the scheduled time. For return pickups, we understand that some of our special friends may take more time than required to board the bus home. Please note 15 minutes wait time is given and then overtime fees will be charged at the vehicles hourly rate or part thereof. Any changes or extra drop-offs or pickups (even if en route) will be charged at the vehicles overtime hourly rate.
(Minimum of $55.00 extra per pickup or dropoff). Liability- Our Wollongong Representative and Nightcruiser Party Tours accepts no liability for any delayed or cancelled flights or cruises, delays caused by traffic or traffic accidents, loss or damage to personal items bought onto our buses. Passenger Manifest- Once your job has been confirmed our office might contact you the day prior to confirm finalised job details and passenger numbers travelling. The Hirer / Person in charge of the group is required by law to keep a list of names and contact details of everyone travelling on the vehicle for the duration of the charter booking.NO EXTRA PASSENGERS will be allowed to travel on the forward or return journey. Group Behaviour / Alcohol – The Hirer / Person in charge is responsible for the groups’ behaviour. THIS INCLUDESbut is not limited to; Ensuring your group abides by the terms and conditions of the charter. If anyone on the bus is under theage of 18 years NO Alcohol will be permitted onto the vehicle. ID must be shown upon entry to the vehicle. I.D. Willbe required for anyone under the apparent age of 25 who wants to consume alcohol. A quiet drink is allowed on theforward transfer ONLY (Maximum of 2 drinks per person). Due to OH&S Regulations and Alcohol Laws, No alcohol isallowed to be consumed on the return transfer. All alcohol will be checked on entry and excess alcohol will not beallowed onto the vehicle. NO GLASS is allowed ONLY plastic and cans. On the return transfer Alcohol will be lockedaway by the driver/hostess. At the completion of the charter, excess alcohol will be handed back to the hirer.NOTE – Any passenger who becomes aggressive or unruly towards the driver or other passengers or who do notfollow any lawful request by the driver or hostess will be refused entry and/or asked to leave the bus, failure to do so will mean the charter will be terminated and/or the Police called. Adult Entertainment- This is a contracted service that we have no control over. We simply act as a referral service.At no time are The Host / Hostess, Waiter / Waitresses allowed to be touched, photographed or filmed, the service will be terminated immediately and no refund given. Please ensure the group is fully aware. Party Bus Vehicle Allocation- We reserve the right to change any vehicle as deemed necessary if a vehicle is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavour to supply as close to the vehicle seating capacity and party bus style confirmed. If for some reason the music system becomes inoperative no discount will be given. If for some reason the bus has issues and is unable to continue a substitute vehicle will be sent. If a substitute vehicle is not sent or the vehicle made operational our financial responsibility is limited to the $200 deposit. Video Recording and Images- Our vehicles and drivers are equipped with Video Imaging and still image photography.As the hirer please be aware and notify your guests that they may be filmed or have still images of them during their travel on the vehicles. This is to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and vehicle. Please be aware that these images can be viewed or used at any time by our company, the Police, or any other person authorised by our company for safety, insurance, verification and future marketing and promotional purposes.SUB-CONTRACTOR No. 3

Is there an age limit?Generally, persons under the age of 18yrs require a PARENT or RESPONSIBLE ADULT on board for any required booking,Any booking or charter with B.Y.O beverages on board, REQUIRES PRIOR CONSENT from Party Bus management.These bookings also require a NON drinking supervising ADULT to accompany the charter (HOST can be supplied at additional cost of $100)Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss options.Where B.Y.O is specified for booking, there will be NO UNDER-AGE (under 18yrs) persons allowed on the transport.Our vehicles are not fitted with child restraints at present, however, please discuss with Party Bus management for options.Where do you pick me up from?The Party Bus can organise a customised pickup service, if you require.However, an excess fee will be required if you live outside the Illawarra region.This will be negotiated on a case by case basis, depending on the location and pick up time.Where do you drop me off?The Party Bus will drop you off at pre-arranged locations.
Any deviation to this would have to be discussed with the Party Bus Management prior to charter commencement.Is there a minimum number of people required to book a Party Bus?Everything from SMALL/ INTERMEDIATE groups to LARGE GROUP/PARTIES can be catered for.Can you do larger group/charter/corporate tours?Yes, please contact us directly for information on larger groups (100 people +).We also offer competitive prices and friendly service on all charter work.Our vehicles hold 14 to 74 passengers and we have access to a luggage storage.57 seat party bus with lights & sound with all aux cords.Every drinking job comes with 2 garbage bins and ask for a bond for every drinking job.Cans only. No glass14 seat standard air con mini bus with sound ,
but this bus has a permanent booking at Engadine 5.30pm tp 12.30am Thursday Friday & sat nights I65 seat coaches I am also a booking agent for74 seat bendy bus with awesome sound but no lights61 , 53 & 41 seat party buses with lights , sound & aircon & drinking school buses with basic sound.Can people with disabilities come on your Vehicle?We welcome everyone on board the Party Bus!
However, we request that people contact us, in advance, of any physical, medical or other special requirement.
This will allow us to make necessary arrangements.How do payments/bookings work?DEPOSIT:  The Party Bus require a deposit to secure your booking. It will be stated in your initial tentative booking email.BOND: The Party Bus require full CREDIT CARD DETAILS of the PERSON making the booking.
Operation will make contact and obtain these details off you.
These details will be held in the event of any DAMAGE/ BREAKAGE or EXCESSIVE CLEANING charges being required.
However all deatail relating to your job will be clerly outline in your tentative booking email.(The Party Bus reserves the right to charge your credit card without authorisation from you to cover the costs for any damage incurred by you or by guests you booked.)Example: EXCESSIVE CLEANING FEE = $1000.DAMAGE/ REPAIR/ REPLACEMENT = FULL COSTIf you cancel a booking:

  • Between 0 (days of the booking date) and 7 days before the booking date – NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Between 7 and 30 days before the booking date – 50% of the booking price paid.
  • More than 30 days before the booking date – 100% of the booking price.

If you change your booking date:

  • Options for changing of booking dates must be discussed well in advance with the Party Bus Management.

The Party Bus cancel a tour we will endeavour to do one of the following:

  • Re-book you for another date (subject to availability)
  • Transfer your booking to another person (sub-contract operator)
  • Refund your payment

What if I organise B.Y.O?

We encourage our guests to have a fantastic time on our vehicles, though the Party Bus Management promote responsible consumption of any beverages.

Even though, we at times may give permission for alcohol to be brought on-board, we DO-NOT condone EXCESSIVE or BINGE consumption.

In the event of a PASSENGER showing EXCESSIVE signs of being under the influence/ adversely affected, our STAFF  have full discretion of terminating the transport of the INDIVIDUAL or the GROUP/ CHARTER.

We have listed a few points to consider prior to coming on board:

  • Guests must always abide by state and federal laws regarding lawful drinking practices.
  • It is your responsibility to carry I.D (valid passport, drivers’ licence, proof of age card, or other suitable form of identification) for the duration of the tour
  • You are responsible for your own behaviour and your Guests; uncontrollable and disruptive drunken behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Any person deemed unruly or disruptive will be removed from the vehicle and will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Water is included on all the Party vehicles. Ensure you keep your H2o levels up all day.

At all times, the decision of the Party Bus representative will be final on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of passengers


The Party Bus request a passenger list of their guests prior to departure.

Our drivers will make their best endeavours to contact you in times where we may be delayed for a pickup.

However, we accept no responsibility for, and provide no refund for, guests who miss the pickup departure time / charter for any reason.

This includes but is not limited to guests failing to be at arranged pick up points at arranged times or guests leaving the pick-up location due to our transport being delayed.

Our bus will leave according to times stated on itineraries and will not wait for late guests.

Pick up and drop off times are an indication only.

The Party Bus are not responsible for late arrival at any destination.

We reserve the right to alter any part of the itinerary without notice before, on, or during the trip as circumstances dictate. We will endeavour to communicate any significant changes in a timely manner but are not liable for any changes and are not required to offer any refunds because of any change.


The Party Bus request a deposit for all services. The amount with payment details are shown in your tentative booking email.

It also shows our banking details and payment options.

All tour or transport schedule times and addresses are also shown and need to be confirmed by you.

You will receive a confirmation/ reference number at the time of booking which should be used when making payment or the name the booking is in as stated in the emails.


The Party Bus cares for its vehicles!  We expect you as a passenger to RESPECT our VEHICLES

PLEASE inform with the driver ASAP if you are feeling unwell, so they can make suitable arrangements.

Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle

In the event of the Party Bus not being able to complete a booking, we will endeavour to provide a THIRD-PARTY CONTRACTOR to complete your booking.

We are not responsible for the conduct of the THIRD-PARTY OPERATOR.

SUB-CONTRACTOR [Supplier] No. 3

1.0 Cancelation Policy –
What if I wish to cancel
1.1 You need to give immediate notification via email and await confirmation of the cancelation of the date of your booking and if it falls within 48 hours  – no charge
1.2 If cancelled on the day it will attract 50% penalty of total of invoice amount paid in advance.
1.3 Your Deposit as mentioned in your tentative booking email is non refunadable for what ever reason.

2.0 Covid 19 Cancelation policy – Derferment
2.1 A 48 hours notice via email required to defer to another date, but if the charter is paid in full and Customer [Buyer] does not proceed due to COVID a full refund of the pre-paid tour costs will be processed.
2.2 Your Deposit as mentioned in your tentative booking email is non refunadable for what ever reason. You might be able to use it for towards your new date.

DVD Players and Sound System
We only have DVD Players on our coaches and not on our buses

4.0 On Board Alcohol policy
Strictly NO Alcohol allowed to be consumed onboard

5.0 Bonds Policy
5.1 Your Bond against damage, cleaning & vomit is lost by the Client [Buyer]. If the damage or cleaning works out in access to the bond, than you agree to be invocied for addtional cost to be paid withing 7 days.

6.0 When is the full job money due
6.1 Accounts are to be paid in full 10 days prior to charter date in Nightcruiser’s Bank Account or call 0427553340 with Credit Card details which attracts a 2.9% charge. It can be teanfered by direct tranfer which is fee free. As we are acting as an agent it is hard to obtain any damage fee ex clients. Hence we usually obtain a bond, hold it and refund after you provide clearance. It would assist us if damage is detected that we receive a photo able to provide that to our client.

7. Quotes and Confirmation
7.1 Quotes & Bookings only via email